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Does Your Current Residential Roofing System Require Maintenance?

Are You Tired of Having To Clean Out Your Roofing System Every Time A Storm Comes Along?

If so, Commercial Roofing Contractor Ohio has the perfect solution for you, requiring minimal up keeping while resisting rain, storm and wind!

Slate Roofing- Protect Your Roof against the Elements of Nature

Slate Roofing protects your home from storms, rain or any other natural elements. Forget the days of cleaning accumulated snow after every winter storm; with Commercial Roofing Contractor Ohio’s slate roofing solutions, your roof will no longer accumulate snow or rain, requiring minimal upkeep!

Natural Resistance to Climatic Changes

Nice slate roof residential exampleThe primary reason why slate is regarded as one of the primary roofing materials is its natural resistance to climatic changes. This includes being fireproof, waterproof along with being windproof! The high density of slate gives it the required durability to protect your house from climatic changes.

Long life

It is said that slate roofing often outlasts the house on which it is installed! The longevity of slate is another added advantage, meaning you won’t have to change your roofing system every 5 years. In fact, while traditional asphalt roofing may last up to a maximum of 20-30 years, slate roofing can last up to 100 years!


Slate is also very environmentally friendly, as it gives off no harmful substances or degrades. In fact, slate roofing can be recycled again, making it one of the best green materials for residential roofing. Add to that, they also provide sufficient insulation, resulting in lower electricity bills!

You must also realize that 5% of all landfill waste can be attributed to roofing wastage. Since slate is easily recyclable, it takes little to realize how using slate roofing can help the environment!

Easily Replaceable

Got a portion of your roof damaged or needing replacement? No worries; slate roofing is easily replaceable, and requires minimal handy work on a homeowner’s part.

Beautiful Appearance

Slate is considered as one of the classiest roofing materials on the market. The beautiful natural stone appearance of slate can only be fully appreciated in person.

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Commercial Roofing Contractor Ohio – Ensuring Versatility, Durability, and Convenience in Your Residential Roofing Designs

At Commercial Roofing Contractor Ohio, you’ll find the best residential roofing installation service in all of Ohio! We specialize in slate roof sales and installation.

  • A variety of thickness and sizes to choose from
  • High quality slate roofing, resistant to fire, wind and water
  • Our structural engineers can consult you on your available roofing options based upon your preferences
  • Reasonable installation charges

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