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Want to give a new look to your commercial structure by adding a new roof?

Wondering how to select the best roofing system?

Commercial Roofing Contractor Ohio is a company that aims to assist you in making the right choice. We offer excellent roofing services and solutions for your commercial and industrial projects in Akron, Sandusky, Cleveland, Columbus, and many other cities in Ohio.

EPDM Roof System – Durability at Its Best

At Commercial Roofing Contractor Ohio, we offer expert engineering services and technologically advanced methods to provide our customers with the most efficient and affordable EPDM roofing options.

EPDM Roofing Material ExampleMade of high quality synthetic rubber, EPDM roofs are highly resistant and durable and can withstand even the roughest of weather conditions. Whether you are upgrading the roof of an office, a warehouse or even a hospital, Commercial Roofing Contractor Ohio can provide you with a roofing solution that meets your requirements.

Our qualified personnel can tackle every roofing project to give you a successfully completed new roof for your commercial enterprise. We offer our services in Canton, Youngstown, Medina, Cleveland and other surrounding cities in Ohio.

Contact us today to install new EPDM rubber roofing that will be more durable, affordable and stronger than its counterparts!

Methods of Installing EPDM Roofing System

Commercial Roofing Contractor Ohio has built its name in the roofing industry by offering competitive rates to its clients and we are always ready to adapt our ways according to your preferences to provide you with maximum satisfaction. Our EPDM roofs can be used for newly constructed projects as well as reroofing and there are two methods of installation that you can choose from:

Fully Adhered Method

If your roof has an uneven surface or if you wish to improve the durability and wind resistance of your roof; then a fully adhered EPDM roof is the solution to your problems.

In this process, a strong adhesive is used to set the EPDM rubber roofing over the surface of your commercial roof, providing a long lasting roof design.

Ballasted Installation

For quick and easy installation of a rubber roofing system, the ballasted method is the best option, where ballast is used to keep the rubber material in place. However, it is best to discuss your specific requirements with our expert engineers so that we can guide you towards the most appropriate installation method.

Commercial Roofing Contractor Ohio – Providing a Range of Commercial Roofing Solutions for Convenient Installation

EPDM In ProgressCommercial Roofing Contractor Ohio is offering high quality roofing solutions. All you have to do is provide us with your requirements for the roof design along with your budgetary limits and we will do the rest. You can avail the following benefits by opting for our EPDM roofing materials:

  • Enhanced durability and strength
  • Smooth and attractively finished surface
  • Can endure excessive foot traffic and withstand punctures
  • Resistance against exposures to UV light
  • Long lasting flexible and elastic rubber material
  • Uniform installation

Come to us at Commercial Roofing Contractor Ohio, and we will help you select a reliable and long lasting EPDM roofing solution that will be perfect for your specific needs!