Built Up Roofs (BUR) and Modified Roofing solutions

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Built Up Roofs (BUR) and Modified Roofing Contractors Ohio

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BUR – An Affordable and Efficient Way to Achieve Optimum Roof Performance

BUR Roofing In Progress Northern VirginiaThe use of BURs or Built Up Roofs in the commercial sector is decades old and it is still prevalent till today. It is a perfect option for all types of commercial structures, such as, an office, a hospital, a school, etc; regardless of whether it is located in Akron, Sandusky, Medina, Columbus, or anywhere else in Ohio.

[Insert company name] uses a trained team of professionals to assemble a BUR roofing system according to your particular roofing needs and when the creation is completion, it is affixed atop the surface of your commercial roof in a high quality installation process. BURs are usually made by combining coal tar or asphalt pitch with other substances in layers to develop a surfacing material that can be placed over your roof to protect it from harmful UV rays.

Modified Bitumen – A Blend of Old and New Roofing Practices for the Best Results

Modified Built up RoofingIf you are unsure of which roofing system to choose for your commercial enterprise, then opt for Modified Bitumen as it allows for the installation of a durable, strong and elastic surface on your roof. It is also resistant to everyday wear and tear, split seams and punctures.

Although Modified Bitumen is very similar to BUR systems, it is especially designed those roofs that have low slopes. Due to its waterproof qualities, this roofing system becomes incredibly durable and Commercial Roofing Contractors of Ohio also offers insulation facilities that can be added to the installation of Modified Bitumen roofing systems for added functionality and strength.

There are two types of Modified Bitumen roof systems:

  • SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene)
  • APP (Atactic Polypropylene)

Both of these types consist of glass or polyester, but it is their method of installation that makes them different. SBS is normally affixed to the roof’s surface with the help of hot or cold adhesive or bonding solutions; whereas APP uses a torch technique to install the membrane on your commercial roof.

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